As it gazed into the mirror, the Nightmare Child chuckled. “This shall do nicely.” Taking a host had been easy as had disposing of the mind. A weak mind like the former Helen was always a way to check that it still had all of its tricks ready to use. A simple word here and there and they were gone to their fears and lost to the world. Killing was easy, making them die slowly was more difficult. It took a talented hand. ”I guess I am a she now,” it mused quietly to itself as a tingle of hunger ran through it’s body. “Time for a new victim.” 

It headed out the shop where it had found its victim and smiled at the crowd of people that were walking the streets. “This shall be fun.” 

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    "Feisty aren’t we? I say the truth, lying is not my specialty. That is why it hurts more because deep down, you all know...
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    "And yet, am I still here. You’re the Nightmare Child, correct? The being who goes around bringing up fears and worries...